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AP Level 2- Understanding The Five-Fold & What's Your Calling (APL2)

This course is designed to share with students the in-depth study of the five-fold ministry, development and purpose of each ministry gift.
  • Understanding the Five Fold Ministry Reading
  • Introduction to Understanding the 5-Fold
  • Understanding the Five Fold Exam
  • 5 Page Understanding the Five Fold Paper Assignment
  • What's Your Calling Reading
  • What's Your Calling Video Presentation
  • What's Your Calling 5 Page Paper
  • APL Video Class Replay What's Your Calling Video November 16, 2021
  • APL Video Class Replay Understanding 5Fold 11232021
  • APL Class Video Understanding the Prophet Jan 18 2022
  • APL Video Understanding the Pastor & Teacher
  • APL Video Understanding Bishop and Elder
  • APL Video Understand the Meaning of Fathers in Ministry
  • APL Class Video Replay Understanding Your Purpose in Relationships
  • Understanding the 5-fold Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed